Brand Story

WTD Brand

WTD,The full name is Wisepower Transportation & Distribution

Wisepower is the English transliteration for WTD, whose Chinese name can be spelled as Wei Shi Pei Yun. Wise and power constitute the unique mark of WTD, representing the power of wisdom and a prospect of cross-border logistics industry in the future.

The combination of blue and red of WTD shows a double strength of technology and pragmatism. Blue stands for technology and innovation while red stands for energy and courage.

The letter W in the combination of WTD shapes a tercel spreading its wings. Tercel, the totem of WTD, owns sharp eyes, broad wings, a wide vision and a soaring power, expressing figuratively the enterprise spirit of WTD.

Enterprise Vision

To be a world-class cross-border smart logistics enterprise

The smart logistics of WTD aims at national access within 24 hours and global access within 72 hours. Realize smart logistics through advanced development in five aspects, namely, full-process automation, visualization, and control, and big data analysis and artificial intelligence to realize intelligent logistics.

Enterprise Mission

Establish a flag of smart logistics and promote Chinese logistics to the top of the world with high-tech means.

Service Concept

Beyond clients' expectations

Core Value Concept